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"Through these doors the greatest divers have been trained"

Here at Lloyd Bailey's we take a different stance on scuba training. We just don't issue certification cards, but we take the time and effort to make you into properly trained scuba divers. We also believe that a certification card is a license to learn more about scuba, because good scuba divers are always learning.

We have taught over 3000 new divers and Lloyd Bailey is the most prolific cavern and cave instructor in the world. Our main agencies that we teach are Scuba Schools International (SSI) and NACD, but are also affliated with NAUI, PADI, YMCA, CMAS, ANDI, NSS-CDS.

We offer a wide variety of classes for all interests and all levels of divers. Click on one of the links below to for detailed information about the class or call us at any time or come by the store.

Already Open Water Certified and want more training? We suggest the two most useful classes are Nitrox and Cavern.


Do not purchase any gear without consulting with the staff of LLOYD BAILEY'S SCUBA & WATERSPORTS.

 Call 352-332-0738 for details or email


NITROX                                                                               $150 + $59.95 STUDENT KIT
Nitrox is very useful on dives between 50-100 feet.  With a nitrox computer you can easily double your bottom time.  This is a very good course to take before going to West Palm Beach.  The course includes a 3- hour lecture, which will cover how to determine MOD (maximum operating depth), EAD (equivalent air depth), OXYGEN TOXICITY UNITS, labeling and analyzing.  We will also cover BEST MIX and BLENDING.  You will learn how to use the charts (included with the student kit) and do the math.  The course fee also includes two tanks of nitrox and certification.  The course is an academic course that is completed in one lecture.  The student will need to purchase and complete the home study student kit prior to the class night.  You should bring a calculator to the class.

DEEP & NAVIGATION > ADVANCED                      $235 + $39.95 STUDENT KIT 
Advanced certification is often required to do certain dives and will expand opportunities for new divers.  Four specialties and 24 logged dives are required for advanced certification.   The DEEP & NAVIGATION COURSE involves a 2 1/2 hour classroom session, and a day of diving at Forty Fathoms Grotto.  Park fees are additional.  NITROX, CAVERN  & BOAT are offered regularly.  Students will need to provide their own scuba gear.   

RAINBOW RIVER TRIP                                                                 $30
This is one of the best fresh water dives in Florida.  We only do this trip on weekdays.
This is a one hour and fifteen minute drift dive and a half-day trip. 

WEST PALM BEACH TRIP                                          $225                       $235 MARCH TRIP
We consider Palm Beach drift diving to be the best salt water diving in Florida and have run over 200 weekend trips to this area.  West Palm is only four hours from Gainesville and is very convenient.  On a typical trip you can leave Gainesville on Saturday morning at 7:00am and do a two tank dive on Saturday afternoon, a two tank dive on Sunday morning and be back in Gainesville on Sunday at 6:00pm.  This trip is specifically designed for new salt-water divers, but the unrestricted diving is also appealing to experienced divers.  We will dive reefs in lobster season, and reefs and wrecks out of lobster season.  Night diving is also available on some trips.  We normally charter the entire boat and run the float ball ourselves.  With nitrox and good air consumption you could easily do 120 minutes of bottom time per day not counting a night dive.  The trip includes two days of diving and hotel at double occupancy.  Private rooms and extended trips are available.  Weekday dives are offered with Captain Lloyd Bailey on his 22-foot mako dive boat.  Reserve your dives early because these trips fill up fast.

Schedule your own private diving, fishing or scallop trip with Captain Lloyd Bailey.  See Lloyd for details.  Sailing CHARTERS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE

CAVERN COURSE                                                           $235 + $30 GINNIE SPRINGS
The cavern course is our most popular course, and is very important training for anyone diving in the North Florida springs.  The skills learned in this course will be useful in all areas of diving and are worthwhile even if you never go into a cavern again.  All open water divers will dive in the overhead environment at some time but are not trained to do so without this training.  This course is a lifesaver for anyone that is diving in North Florida springs.  CAVERN DIVING IS NOT THE SAME AS CAVE DIVING.   In cavern diving you will always be in the daylight zone.

This course involves a 4- hour classroom lecture on Friday night and five dives on Saturday.  The student will need to provide their own scuba gear and the additional cavern diving equipment.  The gear requirements are not much more than the advanced diver needs. 

INTRODUCTION TO CAVE DIVING                         $325
This is a very popular limited penetration, single tank cave diving course. It is not very equipment intensive.  This course can be combined with the cavern course and is held on a Saturday night with a 2- hour classroom lecture and on Sunday with 4 cave dives in two different locations.  These dives are typically conducted at LITTLE RIVER AND EITHER TELFORD OR PEACOCK SPRINGS. 

FULL CAVE DIVER                                                         $750
This is the highest level of Scuba training that there is.  Trained Full Cave Divers are the epitome of diver training.  Contact Lloyd for details.  This class is limited to three divers and is very equipment intensive.

EQUIPMENT REPAIR                                                   $95 + TEXT BOOK
STRESS & RESCUE                                                       $235 + STUDENT KIT
DIVE CONTROL SPECIALIST                                    $750

This is an experience that you do not want to miss.  There are not words in the English language that would be adequate to describe a galaxy dive.  Do not miss this one.

Note: Prices and schedule may change or may be inaccurate on the webpage, so contact the store to get the most current schedule and prices.

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