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Enriched Air Nitrox

Doing a lot of dives and need more bottom time? Then take Nitrox. Over our years of experience we have noticed that the divers that remain active in the sport for more than six months always get Nitrox certified. So it's not a questions of if but when are you going to get Nitrox certified. Because Nitrox has many benefits if you dive a lot, if gives that extra measure of safety from the DCS and gives you more bottom time and if your looking to become a technical diver then Nitrox is your first step to becoming a technical diver before you get to Technical Nitrox then to Trimix.

- OW(Open Water) Certification

- SSI Enriched Air Nitrox Student Kit which includes EAD tables, Nitrox Tables, CNS clock tables and workbook.
- Minimum of 2 students to hold class
- 2 Nitrox dives with staff member

$ 150.00
Course includes, technical, recreational and blending.

Please call to schedule your adventure.

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Note: Prices and schedule may change or may be inaccurate on the webpage, so contact the store to get the most current schedule and prices.

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