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Scuba Skills Update / Refresher Course

Do you need brushing up on your SCUBA skills?

Has it been awhile since you got in the water? Are you going on a trip to a nice tropical island but you have dust an inch thick on your dive gear? Or do you just need to update your scuba skills and knowledge.

The scuba industry, scuba equipment, scuba proceedures and knowledge are always evolving and changing. If it's been awhile since your last dive, you are a perfect canidate for Scuba Skills Update.

Most open water diving accidents happen to people that took a scuba course years ago and didn't dive for a year or more then go out into the ocean without reacquiring the skills to be safe.

Be safe and update your scuba skills. You life is worth more than the cost of this course. Reacquire you scuba skills under the supervision of a trained dive leader.

We have two different formats you can chose from. You can dive with the Open Water class in the pool and the Open Water Spring dives. Or you can chose a Saturday night lecture and Sunday dives format and have complete attention of a dive leader.

Scuba Skills Update Course Costs
$ Class
$ for Scuba Skills Update Kit includes video and workbook
Spring fees
Scuba equipment rentals if required

Note: A minimum of 2 students need to hold weekend classes, if just one then you have an option to dive with the Open Water classes.


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Note: Prices and schedule may change or may be inaccurate on the webpage, so contact the store to get the most current schedule and prices.

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